We are delighted to confirm we will re-open on Monday 29th March 2021. Nothing is more important than the health & safety of our customers and staff. 

Safety Measures

The following guidelines have been developed for the Venue. Online Bookings ONLY – We are unable to accommodate unplanned arrivals

Golf Range bookings via

CrazyPutt bookings via

  1. Golf Range, CrazyPutt bookings are to go through our Online Booking System, where you will be required to supply your details.
  2. Venues will provide clear guidance on social distancing measures and hygiene on arrival, indicated with signage and visual aids.
  3. Strictly no group bookings larger than 6; this applies to all activities on site following the government guidelines:
  4. Social distancing (2 metres) to be respected at all times.
  5. Contactless payment only. 
  6. As per government requirements, all customers are to kindly wear a face mask when entering any enclosed space at the Venue.
  7. Customers should aim to arrive 5 minutes before their booking. On arrival, customers must check-in with our Receptionist.
  8. Only 1 party at a time is permitted in the Reception area, following social distancing where necessary.
  9. The Golf Centre has different Entrance & Exit routes, you will be guided by a member of staff and signage.
  10. All customers welcomed and served by our Receptionist behind a clear Perspex screen.
  11. Golf Ball tickets are printed with a barcode to be scanned at the Golf Ball dispenser.
  12. Sanitised Golf Ball baskets are available at the Reception.
  13. Baskets are to be taken to the drop off point on exit; this will be guided by members of staff. 
  14. Please adhere to the Two metre distanced & Please Wait Here signs displayed in Reception, and at the Golf Ball dispenser.
  15. Sanitised golf clubs are handed to customers by our Receptionist, these are to be returned to a staff member for them to be sanitised.
  16. The hiring of clubs is only for the Driving range. The Centre has a limited selection of clubs for the range and a limited amount of footballs for the footgolf for hire. It is encouraged you bring your own equipment where possible.
  17. 2 people may share a bay, provided they follow social distancing rules between themselves and other players. 

• Anti-bacterial wipes are provided at the Entertainment bays; customers will sanitise the screens at the Entertainments bays after each use.

• After use, baskets are to be taken to the drop off point found at the bottom of the stairs on exit. They are to be placed into the tubs provided, which are filled with disinfectant solution.

• Clubs and baskets are to be wiped down by members of staff and returned to reception.

• The customer then will exit along the front of the patio and through the side wooden gates following the OUT signs clearly marked on the ground.

• Security will be at the main entrance; they will have the required PPE and a temperature checking camera.

• Selected staff are on site at all times to ensure everywhere is frequently cleaned to prevent transmission by touching potential contaminated surfaces.  We have cleaners in through the day and the rangers are instructed to constantly check and wipe down all door handles, ensure soap dispensers are topped up and all is clean and tidy.

• The UK Government has confirmed that one to one coaching is permissible under strict infection control measures, observing social distancing and must take place outside. 

• American Golf is closed until further notice, as per the government guidelines

• No External Food and Drink – 

• Please see separate rules and guidelines for Bar and Restaurant

CrazyPutt – Rules that have already been stated apply accordingly.

• Separate from the Range, the CrazyPutt has a different Entrance & Exit route and you will be guided by the IN and OUT signs displayed or by a member of staff.

• Strictly no group bookings larger than 6; this applies to all activities on site following the government guidelines.

• Social distancing (2 metres) to be respected at all times.

• Customers will be welcomed and served at a separate Kiosk, behind a glass screen.

• Contactless payments only.

• Putting Clubs will be available to collect from the front of the kiosk.

• Customers will be guided to the first tee once it becomes vacant.

• All putting cups have been filled with sand, so that customers are not required to place their hands into the holes.

• Both rafts have been replaced with a walk over bridge to avoid anyone having to pull on the rope.

• On completion, the balls are automatically taken by the eighteenth hole and are sent to be sanitised.

• Upon exiting, customers are to return the putters at the DROP OFF POINT and follow the OUT signs.

• No external food and drink.