Our unique Player Evaluation system can assess your whole game of golf in just an hour, identifying and documenting both the strengths and weakness in all areas of your game. The resulting data helps us create a detailed, personalized programme for your needs and preferred learning style.

The session types available include:

  • Player Evaluation – only £19.99
  • Individual Lessons
  • Family Golf Lessons
  • Learn Golf Lessons
  • Learn Golf in a Month


N1 Golf Foundation is an inclusive charity dedicated to bringing the game and benefits of golf to a wider audience through free access, training and support from our pros. We pride ourselves on bringing golf to those who are disadvantaged or marginalised and would perhaps not otherwise have the opportunity to learn and play the sport. PGA Professionals from the N1GOLF Foundation regularly visit schools and youth centres local to Greenwich, in addition to hosting free tuition sessions at the golf range.


Coaching at over 400 schools across the country and providing lessons to around 2000 children every week, N1GOLF have built a wealth of experience in junior coaching.

Lessons in Greenwich can be tailored to any age or ability, designed to help your child to not only learn golf, but essential social skills, and most of all, to have fun.



    My coaching model has been developed over the past 30 years from teaching those beginning to regular players wanting to lower their handicap, county and international representatives and a past European tour player.


    Daniel is the only PGA Advanced Professional coaching at Greenwich and has been coaching full time in London for 14 years. Daniel enjoys helping all golfers no matter what their ability level. His experience and knowledge allow students to experience a wide range of tuition options. Daniel takes a simplistic approach to coaching designed to help pupils clearly understand their faults and the fix. 

    Daniels expertise lies in devising coaching programs that get results where is matters, on the golf course. His knowledge of ball flight, swing mechanics, putting and course management ensure clients who are committed to improvement are able to meet their goals. Daniel uses the latest technology the Trackman 4 to analyse ball flight and club data as well as using high speed cameras to analyse your swing. Swing videos are emailed directly to you after each session to monitor your progress and to provide goals and structure for your practice. His approach has seen him quickly become one of the most recommended instructors in London. 

    Daniel recommends booking an evaluation session where we can look at every aspect of your game with slow motion camera and Trackman to decide on an action plan of how best to improve your game and lower your scores.


    Sandy represented England and GB off a handicap of plus 3; played successfully on the Ladies European Tour and has been coaching for 20years.
    Coaching is Sandy’s passion, her approach is holistic. Sandy stands out in her ability to identify the precise cause in the swing which is then modified to maximize potential.


    Using highly advanced technology and a fresh and modern style of coaching, Kieren has perfected his dynamic approach over many years throughout the UK and Europe. His unique coaching skills are easily understandable to a wide spectrum of players from beginner to elite standard.


    Joe has amassed twenty five years coaching experience as a PGA Professional across three continents around the world in an illustrious career coaching players of all nationalities and abilities. Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced player Joe welcomes anyone that wants to learn or improve their game and does so in a fun and relaxing environment.


    With  a wide degree of experience coaching as a PGA Professional Terry has helped many golfers achieve their goals in golf. His relaxed and friendly manner combined with his unique 25 years of coaching experience will help any golfer from complete beginner to advanced player improve their game.


    Before starting at the Greenwich Peninsula Driving Range Jon was the head teaching professional at Collingtree Park Golf Club for over 4 years. Jon holds Class A status with the PGA and has also trained at the Titleist performance institute.


    Shaun is an experienced coach, having held 3 Head Professional positions and coached on three continents, as well as spending the last 2 seasons caddying on the European Tour in order to see first what life on Tour is really like.


    Adam is passionate about all areas of the game, including psychology and biomechanics. His passion for development has seen him learn from leading experts in both fields.


    Mike’s knowledge of the golf swing, coupled with his calm demeanor makes him the ideal coach to help you elevate your own golf game here at N1 Greenwich Peninsula.