Face coverings are required in the clubhouse. No alcohol permitted in the top bays.

Covid-19 Update

  1. Pre-Booking ONLY – no roll ups. Golf Range bookings via https://booking.greenwichpeninsulagolfrange.com/booking/bays  CrazyPutt bookings by calling 0208 293 9592 or emailing [email protected] – your time needs to be confirmed for booking to stand.
  2. We will have reduced opening hours to start with 9am to 9pm Weekdays and 9am to 9pm weekends.
  3. Please arrive 10 minutes before your booking – not any earlier.
  4. Line marks will be present in the car park for any queues with two metre spacing lines with clear IN and OUT instructions. Along with cone markers.
  5. We have different entrance and exit routes please be aware when you get to the Golf Centre
  6. The two metre spacing is clearly laid out in the lobby round to the ball dispenser
  7. All customers shall be served by one receptionist who will be protected by a clear perspex screen
  8. Contactless payments only
  9. Ball tickets will be printed on the serving table and this is contactless too – with a barcode for the dispenser.
  10. Sanitised baskets will be at reception.
  11. Sanitised clubs will be handed to customers without touching the grips ie. the receptionist will hold the club head and offer the handle to the customer.
  12. Two metre distanced signs – Please Wait Here, are in key areas such as approaching reception and at the ball dispenser
  13. Only 2 x people to a bay to start with.
  14. No group bookings or corporate bookings until further notice.
  15. Entertainment Bays shall have boxes of cleansing wipes at the bay to clean touch screens
  16. Once golf is completed, the customer should leave clubs and baskets at the DROP OFF POINT in two bins at the bottom of the stairs which will be filled with disinfectant solution. The Rangers will wipe them down and return to Reception and basket holder – wearing gloves.
  17. The customer then will exit along the front of the patio and through the side wooden gates following the OUT signs clearly marked on the ground.



  1. Crazy Putt has its own IN and OUT gates.
  2. All CrazyPutt customers to be served from the kiosk. The doors will be locked with service from the kiosk only window keeping distant and closed.
  3. Contactless only payments.
  4. Putters will be outside the kiosk ready for customers to take.
  5. Each group shall be sent out as the 1st hole becomes vacant.
  6. All putting  cups will be filled an inch from the top with sand thus avoiding the need for customers to place their hand inside the hole.
  7. Both rafts to be replaced with a walk over bridge to avoid anyone having to pull on a rope.
  8. On completion of the round the ball is automatically taken by the eighteenth hole whereby it travels down an underground pipe in to a ball collection box filled with bleach and water. This box can only be opened by CP staff.
  9. The putter is then placed in a detergent solution bin at the DROP OFF POINT and the customer exits via the OUT gate.
  10. We have cleaners in through the day and the rangers are instructed to constantly check and wipe down all door handles, ensure soap dispensers are topped up and all is clean and tidy.
  11. Security will be in place at the main door as usual. They will have PPE and also have a temperature checking camera.
  12. The UK Government has confirmed that one to one coaching is permissible under strict infection control measures, observing social distancing and must take place outside. In order to comply with this regulation, you should enforce strict hygiene measures and it is recommended that PGA professionals complete a comprehensive risk assessment and refer to the coaching guidelines on the PGA COVID-19 Resource Hub.
  13. Please contact your Professional directly for booking.
  14. American Golf will be closed until allowed
  15. The Joint will be closed until allowed, along with NO bay service to customers from Bar and Restaurant while playing.
  16. No external food and drink may be brought onto the premises.

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