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London’s Very First Robotic Swing Training System

Greenwich Peninsula Golf Driving Range with N1 Golf Now features RoboGolfPro, the most effective and efficient Golf training technology on the planet.


RoboGolfPro® is the first and only swing training technology that allows golfers to “FEEL” their ideal swing.  What could take hours in standard lessons, practice, conversation and video review can now be created in just moments.  Whether you’re a complete beginner, avid regular or PGA Tour Professional, the system at Greenwich Peninsula Golf Driving Range can help you reach your golf dreams in a fraction of the time.

RoboGolfPro® was designed to help the Teaching Professional and the student speed up the learning curve for students that have never held a golf club all the way to the LPGA and PGA Touring Professionals.  The Robot’s can be programmed for any instructors teaching model and any person physical range of motion and abilities.

After your first lesson on the system you will instantly learn what has taken golfers years to achieve!  We now have the technology to shorten the learning curve and grow the game of golf without taking years!   RoboGolfPro® can have a new student easily scoring in the 70’s and 80’s in months without the hassle of spending countless hours away from your busy schedule.


Tour Proven Results

With 3 PGA Tour Wins in the past two years Vaughn Taylor & Bryson DeChambeau have become instant fan favourites on Tour and credit much of their success to RoboGolfPro.

A couple years ago, Vaughn Taylor was hanging out at the end of the driving range as the first alternate for the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. He kept watching golfers duck into the pebble beach golf academy and jump onto a robotic golf swing trainer called the RoboGolfPro.

Taylor was eventually overcome with curiosity. He tried out the RoboGolfPro and instantly became a believer. He bought one to train with at home, retooling and refining his swing with it. In 2016, Taylor returned to the AT&T — the site of his fateful introduction to the RoboGolfPro — and incredibly rallied from a six-shot final-round deficit to top Phil Mickelson and win his first PGA TOUR event in a decade.

“I wasn’t swinging well at the time, and it really gave me some direction and got me on plane,” Taylor said. “It’s just a great golf training aid.”

Click here to see Taylor in action with the RoboGolfPro.



How Can RoboGolfPro Help You To Improve Your Golf Swing?

It’s as simple as grabbing a guided golf club and hanging on for the ride. You can construct the perfect, on-plane swing for your build, movement-by-movement. Or you can feel the positions and sequencing of hundreds of pro swings to discover that ‘a-ha!’ moment.


Imagine being contorted to strike a football like Cristiano Ronaldo, or grabbing a racket and feeling the release of a Novak Djokovic serve. With the RoboGolfPro, you can feel the massive turn and incredible lag created by Tiger Woods, the flat wrists at the top of Jason Day’s backswing, or hang on for the rollercoaster ride of Jim Furyk’s downswing.

“I’m constantly tweaking,” Taylor said. “I’m looking at my swing on film, and then I’m going in and doing exaggerations. You can do a lot of different stuff. You can make it do a lot of different things.”


The RoboGolfPro swing analysis breaks down any lost-in-translation barriers to what can be a very difficult game to explain. The guided golf swing helps you feel what has always been verbally communicated. It also allows the swing to be taught in slow motion, so you can learn and feel the sequencing of something that happens very quickly — the average PGA TOUR backswing is 0.75 seconds, and the downswing is just 0.25 seconds.


As you increase your reps in slow motion, you can begin to increase the speed of the robot swing and build muscle memory. And with cameras and screens all around, you can see what the perfect swing looks like as you do it. “It really helps when you take time off,” Taylor said. “It’s really good in the off-season. On days you don’t want to practice, you just get on the golf robot.”

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